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Plans & Pricing

  • Triathlon

    Every month
    12 sessions a month that will highlight swim, bike and run
    • Contact Brian to join the team
  • Speed Pass

    Every month
    Join us for any/all speed offerings ...up to 5 each week
    • 5 speed offerings include 3 sprint focus and 2 long distance
  • Athletic Consulting

    3 sessions at $85 for customized training for an individual
    • Contact Brian for time and place Strength, Speed or Skill
  • Group Training

    Every month
    12 sessions at $35 for Strength, Speed or Skill Workouts
    • Contact Brian to join a group or create a group of your own

Contact Brian about Customized Development Plans

Pre-Season, Mid-Season or Off-Season

On the field/court or Off the field/court

Individuals or Teams

Dallas or Beyond 

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